Director Sales and Investment

Douglas Patterson is one of the company's founding principals and is the director of Island Property with overall responsibility for property sales and development projects such as the company's own subdivisions, commercial and tourism investment projects.

He has been selling Vanuatu real estate since 1990. He also carried out property valuations for Vanuatu's commercial banks for some 15 years, although he no longer does this, in order to concentrate on Island Property's own development projects.

Douglas has lived in Vanuatu since 1986, and is a Vanuatu naturalised citizen.

He is also active in local charity work, such as the well known Paramedic Ambulance Service "ProMedical" of which he was founding chairman, a position he has held for nearly 10 years. Douglas is also the creator of "Kranki Kona" the regular cartoon which has been published in Vanuatu's national newspaper The Daily Post since 2001.



Director Administration

Kaye has lived in Vanuatu since 1992.

Three decades of administration and office management experience in the US, the UK and Vanuatu has given Kaye the knowledge and experience to oversee the day to day management of the busy Island Property office, where she has overall responsibility for managing the company, staffing, banking, and property management.


Alexander C.F.M. de Groot

Property Consultant Sales & Marketing

In 2017, Alexander de Groot relocated to Vanuatu from the Netherlands and subsequently joined the Island Property Team. Alexander has joined our team to assist with sales, new listings and marketing.

He has extensive experience in real estate having worked internationally in the industry for several years.

Alexander is also very active in charity work. In 2015, Alexander founded the Sheltersuit Foundation, a Foundation that provides free, handmade winter clothing for the homeless community in Europe. This bespoke, lifesaving winter clothing is made with the help of refugees.

The Sheltersuit Foundation remains very active and is succesfully saving the lives of the homeless and underprivileged in Europe.